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Our seriousness

Our team consists of a recruitment manager, an investment manager and dozens of stakeholders. The placement manager ensures a particular follow-up between the family and the worker, she is very present and listens to each of your remarks.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have been able to set up and develop various educational games allowing your children to learn in a playful and natural way a new language. Different methods exist like repetition of sentence used in everyday life or games and activities in English.

Our engagements

Our organization is approved by the State, which proves our seriousness in our work. We commit ourselves and our stakeholders to respect a charter of good conduct. Our workers must have a child-friendly attitude and behavior, they must respect your interior and the rules set out therein. We also put in place a book of liaison which will allow us to exchange on your services.

Our adaptability

To satisfy all our customers we take care of the quality of our services on a daily basis. We put in place regular checks at your home during the hours of intervention. A trial period of about 15 days and set up, this period allows you to judge the skills of the worker and to continue with this same intervener or ask our team another facilitator. Our team stays with you and will adapt, as far as possible, to each of your needs.

Simplified procedures

Still with a view to optimizing your time, our formalities are simplified to meet your need. Following your request we send you a personalized quote that you must return signed "Good for agreement". Following this estimate we set up an appointment so that the worker comes to your home to introduce yourself and your children.

If you are satisfied with this worker you will have the same all year long, which will guarantee you more reliability, confidence and regularity.

With Récrélangue only the hours are charged, so you will not have any surprises at the end of the day.

At the end of the month your worker will validate with you are monthly hours.

You will not have any other formality done because Récrélangue takes care of everything and remains the employer of your worker.