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Our all inclusive package

We propose formulas ranging from all inclusive of school outings from Monday to Friday to a formula adaptable to each of our clients according to their need. Children can be taken care of at home or out of school on a regular basis while respecting hygiene and especially safety rules. Our speakers are motivating and enthusiastic and above all good-humored. The experience of each worker allows them to stimulate your child to a new language in a playful way that will help and motivate him in his learning.

Our discovery workshops

Do you simply want to awaken your children to English without using our child care systems? It is now possible with Récrélangue, we set up workshops according to your availability at your home. Alone or in groups (4-5 children maximum) your children will discover a new language in a playful and educational way. Our stakeholders are trained, they are pedagogues and have a school curriculum that allows them to introduce this new language to your children. During these workshops in the morning or in the afternoon, we will put in place a natural approach and especially without constraint for your children. Our main mission is to familiarize your children with English and its new sounds by proposing different situations and group games